Wednesday, February 17, 2010

One On One

Manchester PR firm just starting blogging and Lady Moon was the FIRST to be interviewed! Check out the full interview.

How did you come up with the name of “Lady Moon Vintage”?

Lovely Lady Moon was a name I used frequently, as a kind of persona. It only made sense to continue that. I guess it originally started because I have always been inspired by the art and fashion of the Art Deco movement. I have a gorgeous Vogue cover print by George Wolfe Plank, which has an out-of-this-world clad muse lounging on a crescent moon. Nothing is more fabulous!

What are you looking for when you’re seeking vintage pieces for your store?

My check list for choosing the best vintage for the shop:

1) Wearability – Dealing with vintage things, especially older pieces, some can be too fragile or too valuable to wear. As I love to admire these things, I don’t want to sell collectable pieces.

2) “It” Factor – There has to be something about it. Whether it’s in the construction, design or quality, at least one of its attributes has to make a statement.

3) Relevancy – I look for clothing and accessories that will fit into the modern girl’s closet. I follow the trends to stay in the know about what is fashion forward.

What seems to appeal to your customers?

Wearable, functional vintage pieces appeal to my customers. My vintage items, whether it would be a stellar 1940s jacket or a pair of wonderfully worn-in oxford boots from the 1980s, can be mixed and matched with what she already has in her closet. The most stylish people have a great balance between new, vintage and handmade pieces in their wardrobe.

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