Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Catching Christine Rosamond

Yesterday, while out thrifting I was disappointed not to find any vintage — a very rare occurrence that I don’t find anything, not a single dress or pair of shoes. This doesn’t mean I went without though. I came across a pair of Christine Rosamond prints and they’re mine, all mine.

Rosamond was a Californian artist who became well known in the 1970s. Her work is timelessly chic, often depicting beautiful women in a fashion illustration style.


  1. I have two of her prints I purchased purchased new back in the seventies and eighties. I was shocked when a few years ago I found out she had drowned at Carmel, CA while swimming with her daughter back in '94. She was such a talented artist. You are very lucky to have found two of her prints. I hope I'll be as lucky someday.

  2. I just found one print "Simone" today while out thrifting today. I did not know this artist but I was drawn to this picture. I love it. I am not on the hunt to find another one. are so lucky to have two originals. I want more. I have done some research and I find her very intriguing. Thanks for your it.